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Massey Roofing, Umatill, FloridaCentral Florida – home to balmy temperatures, swaying palms and almost year-round sun. It’s a wonderful place to live, but the environment can take its toll on your home, particularly the roof. After years of exposure to harsh sunlight and high temperatures, not to mention strong storms that roll through, your roof might be a little worse for the wear.

Massey Roofing can help – we’ve served a multitude of customers throughout Central Florida, and our dedication to quality work and top-notch customer service has allowed us to build a reputation for excellence. If you suspect your roof has seen better days, get in touch for a free estimate.

Why Does My Roof Need Replacement?

The roof of your home will not likely last for the life of the home. There are quite a few threats out there, including the sunshine Florida’s known for, as well as storm damage, falling trees and more. It all takes a toll, and the older your roof is, the greater the chance that you’ll need replacement due to age alone.

Over time, the roofing materials break down. Asphalt shingles are the shortest-lived products on the market, and may need replacement after 15 years or so. Even metal and tile will eventually age to the point that replacement is needed. Leaks can also develop around flashing, from missing shingles and more. Once water enters the sub-roof, there’s the chance that the wood will begin to rot, requiring replacement.

Roofing Types We Can Replace

At Massey Roofing, we offer virtually any type of roof you might need for your home. We can replace asphalt shingles, metal roofs, tile roofs and even replace flat roofs. If you’re interested in replacing your old roof with a different type (going from asphalt shingles to metal, for example), we’re happy to explain your options before the replacement begins.

How Does Roof Replacement Work?

All it takes to start the process is to get in touch with us. Our experts will visit your home and conduct a thorough inspection to make sure that you need replacement and not roof repairs. We’ll then explain all of your options and work with you to create a custom roof replacement plan that fits your needs and your budget.

We invite you to get in touch with us today to learn more.



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