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Massey Roofing, Umatill, FloridaAt Massey Roofing, we’ve helped customers throughout Central Florida recover from storm damage to their home’s roof. From thunderstorms to hurricane’s, your home is at risk spring, summer and fall. Even if a storm is not particularly severe, there may be damage to your home’s roof. Let us help. The Potential Threats from Storms

Spring and summer storms are notorious in Central Florida. Strong winds, heavy rain, hail – it doesn’t take a lot to cause older shingles to fly off. Even if no shingles are lost, a storm can cause them to curl. Both are causes for concern, and you’ll need roof repair or replacement to set things right. Then there are other threats – falling limbs, toppling trees and flying debris can all wreak havoc on your roof. We can work with you at every step along the way to ensure that your roof is repaired or replaced professionally, and that your home is safe and sound.

Insurance Matters

Your homeowner’s insurance should cover roof replacement or repair, right? It may, but it may not. There are quite a few factors here. For instance, the insurance company will only cover damage from wind, hail or falling trees (or tree limbs). However, there’s also the age factor to consider. Unless your roof is new, the insurance company will only pay a prorated amount.

We work with you and your insurance company. We’ll inspect your home and meet with the adjuster, and then show him or her the damage. We can even pinpoint when the damage occurred. From that point, we’ll work with you and your insurer to create a tailored plan to repair or replace your roof quickly and professionally. Don’t forget – you have a limited window in which to file a claim and ensure your insurance company covers the damage to your roof.

Protection During the Interim

We know that it can take a little time for the insurance adjuster to get to you. That’s why we offer protection during the interim. If you experience a leak during or after a storm, get in touch, and we’ll place a watertight tarp over the affected area while we wait for the adjuster and for the permits to be pulled.

Get in touch with Massey Roofing today and get the storm damage repair you need.

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