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After a storm with high winds or hail have your roof assessed to see if their was damage. After two years insurance companies will no longer cover damage to your roof from a storm. Hail damage may take years before problems arise and it is to late at that time to make the claim.

Be sure to always keep all vegetation and tree branches cut back off the roof.

Keep your roof free of debris (leaves, sticks, and moss)

Keep gutters clean and unclogged.

Look for broken, loose, and/or lifted shingles.

Never sweep a roof as it will allow granuals to become dislodged.

Have a licensed roofing contractor always inspect your roof before purchasing real estate. Inspectors are not licensed roof contractors.

Just because your roof isn't leaking doesn't mean you should hold off on replacing your roof. The longer you wait to replace your roof once it's life time is over or after a storm the more damage that can take place under the shingles.

Signs Of Needing A New Roof

  • Falling shingles
  • Leaks in the home from above
  • Sections of roof that appear to be discolored or look 'dirty'.
  • Ceiling inside home has areas where paint is peeling or has a coffee colored stain
  • Roof shows fiberglass under the granual



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